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Meet our high-quality leather and suede hand grips custom shaped, fitted and designed for greatest athletic performance for workouts using a bar or rig - from CrossFit to gymnastics, cross-training, etc. These grips are designed to help you get a solid, natural grip on the bar, while protecting your hands.


Every pair of hand grips are individually cut, stamped, dyed and stitched by hand from an athlete just like you (that's me!). Get a better workout and look good while doing it.



  • Wrist size --> select from 1 of 5 sizes, each designed with Velcro to enable expanded fit for wearing with or without wrist wraps or sweat bands under them.
  • Hand length --> select from 1 of 3 lengths based on your own hand size to ensure your hand receives full coverage on the bar.
  • Suede color --> pick from 1 of 3 suede color choices (black, brown or tan).
  • Leather color --> pick from 1 of 7 custom hand dyed leather colors (standard: black, dark brown or light brown / premium: mahogany, navy blue, oxblood red or turquoise).
  • Engraving --> with 3 to 8 spaces available, personalize your grips with your initials/monogram and decorative elements, names that matter to you, motivation words, etc.


These hand grips are made from the finest, all natural suede and leather, similar to leading hand grip providers:


  • The suede grip area is a 3-4oz durable yet soft suede that provides a less stiff and more natural grip for the bar with a nice lightweight feel, while still maintaining a solid layer of protection for the hand. The suede reduces friction on your palms, while also preventing slippage while gripping exercise equipment or doing chin ups, pull ups and any other exercise pattern involving your hands.


  • The leather is a 4-5oz premium imported veg-tanned leather, that is then custom sized, cut, stamped and dyed to your design preference upon order. The leather over suede layering around the wrist provides one of the most comfortable fits, avoiding any rubbing of artificial material, while also providing some light wrist protection and support. This area is held together with industrial bonding and a double saddle stitch -- hand punched and woven -- that has been tested plenty through personal and existing customer continued use.


These grips are designed to be easy-to-use and easy to get out of the way:


  • Their lightweight design makes them less intrusive to workouts. They easily slip on and off or stay right in place when needed, tightening and loosening with a simple but strong one direction Velcro. This gives you seamless transitions between fast-paced workouts, with little to no interruption.
  • They are easily and comfortably soft to rotate around the wrist if you prefer to move them out of the way when doing other workout moves that don't need them, or you can tuck the ends down and under the wrist wrap area to ensure they stay out of the way.

These are ideal for bar routines like pull ups, chin ups, toes to bar, muscle ups, knees to elbows, chest to bar and high-rep WODs (hence...WODs of Leather...). You can easily get a solid grip on the bar with them as-is, or pair them with chalk. They can also be used for other grip-demanding fitness training needs beyond the bar.


Wearing these will help you pull through even the most demanding of workouts, smoother, faster and without hand injury.

Personalized Suede & Leather Hand Grips

Suede Color (see photos for options)
Leather Color (see photos for options)
  • Options are:

    XS less than 6 in less than 15.2 cm
    S 6 in - 7 in 15.2 cm - 17.8 cm
    M 7 in - 8 in 17.8 cm - 20.3 cm
    L 8 in - 9 in 20.3 cm - 22.8 cm
    XL more than 9 in more than 22.8 cm


    How to measure:


    • Measure where you want the hand grips to wrap and sit on your wrist. 
    • Make sure the measuring tape doesn't have a lot of gapping, but don't put too tight on your wrist. You want to be able to possibly rotate the tape around your wrist but NOT able to fit anything between the tape and your wrist.
    • NOTE: You will want to get your bare wrist measurement if you ever wear these that way. The design includes an extra 6 inches of leather to allow for adjustability, leveraging the Velcro, so that it can both fit your bare wrist and if you happen to use standard wrist wraps or sweat bands under your hand grips.
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