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The Shiloh Keychain is a great statement piece to hold your keys with, that takes up less space.


  • This keychain is formed from one solid piece of 4-5 oz premium imported veg-tanned leather, dyed, stamped and then hand riveted together.
  • It's approximately 1 in. wide and 6 in. long (3 in. long after being folded and riveted together) giving you a one to two finger loop to grab from.
  • You can have it made with either a standard key ring or swivel snap hook for easier connection and release. Both are made of quality zinc alloy that's durable and anti-rust.


Leather and hardware color selection to match your style:


This keychain is purposefully made from natural leather to allow us to custom dye the piece so you can pick the color that fit your desired look. These colors include:


  • Our standard line (black, dark brown or light brown)
  • Our premium, small batch line (mahogany, navy blue, oxblood red or turquoise)


Additionally, we give you the option of hardware color (rivet and loop/hook), picking from either gold or silver.


Optional personalization:


On top of picking your preferred color combination, you can also add your own initials/monogram to really add a personal touch to your Shiloh Leather Keychain.

Shiloh Leather Keychain

Leather Color
  • We have two categories of color options:


    • Standard (black, dark brown or light brown)
    • Premium (mahogany, navy blue, oxblood red or turquoise)


    There is a small upcharge on the premium dyes because they are made in smaller batches.




    Dye coloring is a hand mixed and applied process to a natural, raw leather. Please note that the final setting of the dye color may vary slightly lighter or darker than pictured.


    This is because of things such as:


    • A shoulder cut from one source may have a different tint than another source
    • Some areas on the leather hide may be more porous than others
    • Some dilluding batches can vary
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